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Healthcare Intelligence and Analytics (HIA) is, as the name implies, a full-service healthcare intelligence and market analytics consulting company. Our insights shape clinical and commercial strategy decisions and drive value for our clients. Our Specialty is our ability to synthesize commercial, clinical and managed care insights and intelligence in ways and to a degree other firms cannot, particularly through integrated long-term monitoring. This is a result of the leadership team’s commercial experience, healthcare licensure and managed care credentials. Both cofounders are AMCP certified and have extensive managed care contacts.
Our motto "Our Experience Matters" is integral to our commitment to our clients. This commitment ensures that at least one of our founders will be actively involved in the delivery of each of our projects, no matter how large we become. As we continue to grow we strive to hire only the most capable consulting professionals.

When working with HIA your project is in the hands of highly trained professionals, not the least experienced with the lowest billing rate. This experience will translate into:

HIA Projects

The company is also a certified women’s business enterprise.


We provide a full suite of primary-research based Healthcare Intelligence and Market Analytics Services.

Our projects typically take the following forms with Integrated Long-Term Monitoring in support of brands being our specialty.

Whether you seek support for new product, brand or mature brand planning our experience matters in shaping your successful strategy. All of our solutions can be tailored to your specific business situation.

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